2-5 Players
Nb of players

30 Min
Playing time

Age: 10+
Minimum age


(Good - usually willing to play.)

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Build your city and put your heart into it! Look for the right tactics to manage your income, bring people in and make them happy. Create a small paradise that is more attractive than the opposing cities! The strategy of happiness! Build your small town, map after map, managing your income, to bring people in and make them happy. Choose each building carefully and keep an eye on your opponents! Find the right tactic to create a place where it's good to live.

2 game modes: for families (18 unique special buildings), for experts with more interaction and new strategies! 40 unique special buildings each with different ways to play!

Happy City BackHappy City CartesHappy City CartesHappy City Cartes

Contents of the box : 142 cards, 30 tokens, 1 game rule.

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Primary titleHappy City
Year published2020
Release DateMarch 2021
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EAN Code3760052143472
Size4.72 x 7.09 x 1.57 inches
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DesignersAiru SatoToshiki Sato
ArtistsMakoto Takami
PublishersCocktail Games
Type of publicFamily