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The Dwarves listened, waving their beards, for they knew that they would soon have to venture into this forest and that, after the mountains, it was the worst of the dangers they still had to face before reaching the dragon's fortress. - The Hobbit.

Dark Paths is an expansion for The Lord of the Rings: Journeys to Middle-earth that offers new heroes, enemies, lands and items to use in your Middle-earth adventures. Dark Paths also allows you to activate a brand new campaign with 13 scenarios in the application. Your heroes will travel the inextricable paths of the Black Forest and venture into the sinister abandoned galleries of Moria to confront an ancient evil.

Gather your loyal companions, equip your heroes and face the perils of the Dark Paths together!

Good to know!

We bring to your attention that this game is an extension and therefore cannot be played alone. Renew your games by enriching your basic game with this extension.

Contents of the box : 20 Travel Site Tiles (double-sided), 30 Plastic Figures, 42 Object Cards, 3 Title Cards, 60 Role Skill Cards, 4 Terrain Cards, 25 Hero Skill Cards, 5 Hero Cards, 13 Terrain Counters, 53 Miscellaneous Counters, 1 Rule Book.

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Primary titleLe Seigneur des Anneaux: Voyages en Terre du Milieu - Sombres Chemins
Year published2020
Release DateJune 2020
Acquisition dateAdd my game acquisition date
Product CodeJME05FR
EAN Code8435407629776
Weight2.20 lbs
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Personal noteAdd a personal comment
DesignersNathan I HajekGrace Holdinghaus
PublishersFantasy Flight Games
Type of publicAmateur
Expansion for2019 - Le Seigneur des Anneaux: Voyages en Terre du Milieu