Imhotep: Les Bâtisseurs d'Egypte
Reimplemented By : Imhotep: Le Duel

Imhotep: Les Bâtisseurs d'Egypte

2019 - (x)(x)(x)(x)() 3.9 - 30 Notes
Imhotep: Les Bâtisseurs d'Egypte

2-4 PlayersBest of 4 players

40 MinPlaying time

Age: 10+Minimum age

FamilyType of public


(Good - usually willing to play.)


Imhotep was the first and most famous architect of ancient Egypt. He is considered one of the first universal geniuses in the history of mankind. It is said that he was responsible for the construction of Egypt's very first pyramid: the Djoser pyramid at Saqqarah. Will you be able to live up to his work by building monuments for posterity?

Each player assumes the role of an Egyptian architect. You will have 6 rounds to transport your stones to different places and erect monuments in order to win the most points. Each time it is your turn, you will have to choose one of the following 4 actions: Receive new Stones, Place 1 Stone on a Boat, Send 1 Boat to a Location, Play 1 Blue Market Card.

The delivery of Stones earns you points in different ways: sometimes more, sometimes less, sometimes immediately, sometimes both from the end of the game and sometimes at the end of the game. The one with the most points after the 6 rounds is declared the winner.

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Contents of the box : 120 stones, 5 place boards, 1 score track board, 8 boat tokens, 4 spare tiles, 21 handle cards, 34 market cards, 1 rule book.

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Primary titleImhotep: Les Bâtisseurs d'Egypte
Year published2019
Release DateJanuary 2019
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Product Code51494
EAN Code3760175514944
Weight2.20 lbs
Size11.69 x 11.69 x 2.80 inches
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DesignersPhil Walker-Harding
ArtistsMichaela KienleMiguel Coimbra
Type of publicFamily