Qui l'a Vu ?

2007 - (x)(x)(x)(x)() 4.4 - 80 Notes

2-4 Players
Best of 4 players

45 Min
Playing time

Age: 6+
Minimum age

() () () () () () () () () ()

(Good - usually willing to play.)

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Qui l'a Vu ? Cover
Qui l'a Vu ? Cover 3d
Qui l'a Vu ? Eclate
Qui l'a Vu ? Eclate

The royal ring is gone! And the only ones who know the identity of the thief are the animals of the forest. But it is not easy to question an animal, will you tell me? But if ! Besides, they speak! And they will help you identify the culprit among children, knights, blacksmiths and others ...

The children will move from room to room and will be able for example to meet the snake in the chapel which will tell them that the thief is a woman ... But it will sometimes be necessary to bring them a precise food so that the animals deign to help you ... And all this before the end of the game ...

This electronic game, which received the Spiel des Jahres for the best children's game in 2008 will speak (all senses allowed) to your children and will require the use of batteries ...

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Qui l'a Vu ? Cover
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Qui l'a Vu ? Cover
Qui l'a Vu ? (2007)
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Qui l'a Vu ? Cover
Qui l'a Vu ? (2007)
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(x)(x)(x)(x)(x) 4.6 - 7 Notes
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Qui l'a Vu ? Cover
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Qui l'a Vu ? Cover
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Qui l'a Vu ? Règle

pdf https://cdn.1j1ju.com/medias/e1/49/29-qui-la-vu-re...
L'anneau royal a disparu ! Et les seuls qui connaissent l'identité du voleur sont les animaux de la forêt. Mais il n'est pas évident d'interroger un animal, me direz vous ?

In French

Whoowasit? Rulebook

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A wise king protects his castle and its people from the evil wizard with his magical ring. The king’s men inform him that the evil wizard is approaching. He looks for his ring but discovers that it ha...

In English

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Primary titleQui l'a Vu ?
Year published2007
Product Code219797
EAN Code4005556219797
Size16.93 x 11.81 x 2.76 inches
DesignersReiner Knizia
ArtistsWalter Pepperle
Graham Howells
PublishersRavensburger Spieleverlag Gmbh
Pixie Games
Type of publicFamily