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1001: Hezar o Yek Sab Règle


Le sultan veut des histoires pour s'endormir. La belle Shéhérazade va lui en conter pendant 1001 nuits. Ali Baba, Aladin et Sindbad le marin en seront les héros. Cependant il faut aider Shéhérazad à trouver l'inspiration et cette mission vous est confiée.

1.48 Mo - In French

1001 Islands


The children of Sinbad set themselves a new challenge: exploring all 1001 islands and reclaiming the treasures of a great sailor — their father. They've dreamed of exotic animals, beautiful gems and magical lamps since they were kids, listening to countless travel stories.

1.04 Mo - In English 2.04 Mo - In French

10′ to Kill Rulebook


In 10 minutes to kill, you are a hitman. Your goal is to kill 3 targets without being discovered. Each time you kill one of your targets or arrest another hitman, you earn prestige points. At the end of the game, the winner is the player with the most prestige points.

2.68 Mo - In English 1.26 Mo - In French

123 Go ! Règle Multilingue


Qui réussira le premier à ramener le petit canard perdu à sa maman ? C’est parti… mais attention aux pièges ! Un jeu pour apprendre aux enfants à reconnaître les chires de 1 à 5, à les associer aux quantités correspondantes et à commencer à compter.

584.43 Ko - In Arabic 584.43 Ko - In Czech 584.43 Ko - In German 584.43 Ko - In Greek 584.43 Ko - In English 584.43 Ko - In Spanish 584.43 Ko - In French 584.43 Ko - In Italian 584.43 Ko - In Dutch 584.43 Ko - In Polish 584.43 Ko - In Portuguese 584.43 Ko - In Russian

123 Puzzle Rulebook


The material contained in the package is useful for familiarizing children with numbers by developing the recognition of both numbers and quantities, and the ability to sequence and sort the numbers in a progressive and regressive way, reconstructing a real number index.

283.38 Ko - In English 257.94 Ko - In French

1, 2, 3… Trésor à Bâbord Règle


La pirate Soraya parcourt les mers du globe avec son équipage à la recherche d'un trésor bien particulier : les chiffres. Pour prouver aux grands pirates qu'elle est digne de gouverner son navire, Soraya devra d'abord classer les chiffres dans le bon ordre et résoudre divers exercices. Qui est doué avec les chiffres et saura aider Soraya dans sa quête ?

3.23 Mo - In German 3.23 Mo - In English 3.23 Mo - In Spanish 3.23 Mo - In French 3.23 Mo - In Italian 3.23 Mo - In Dutch

12 Gangsters Rulebook


Your 12 gangsters must participate in 12 heists in order to prove themselves to the Boss. The Boss will be in charge of one team of gangsters in each heist. The rules are clear: your gangster cannot steal more money than the Boss’! It is up to you to send out the right gangster at the right time. The more money your gangsters collect, the happier the Boss will be.

3.44 Mo - In English 3.45 Mo - In French

13 Clues Rulebook


To be the first player to solve your own Mystery, correctly identifying the Person, Location, and Weapon.

1.31 Mo - In English 1.31 Mo - In French

13 Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis Rulebook


As President Kennedy or Premier Khrushchev you control one of the superpowers during the tense days of the Cuban Missile Crisis. You win 13 Days by emerging from the crisis with the most Prestige.

3.10 Mo - In English 694.76 Ko - In French

13 Dead End Drive Rulebook


A bluffing game where you try to conceal your identity. On your turn you move two of the character pawns on the board. Movement is decided by dice. The board is a 3D house with several traps. If you move a character to a trap space, you may spring the trap if you have the corresponding card in your hand. You can bluff by moving your opponents' characters towards the entrance or moving your own character...

4.87 Mo - In English 1.40 Mo - In French

13 Mots Règle


13MOTS est un jeu Coopératif, c’est-à-dire que les joueurs essaient tous ensemble d’obtenir le meilleur score commun. Les joueurs vont, à chaque tour, tenter de déduire le mot choisi par l’un d’entre eux : le Capitaine.

656.75 Ko - In French

1754: Conquest – The French and Indian War Rulebook


Each player chooses a faction to play and takes the corresponding Units, Battle Dice, and Faction Cards of that faction’s color. The French side’s two factions are the the yellow French Canadiens and the purple French Regulars. The British side’s two factions are the white British Colonials and the red British Regulars.

1.84 Mo - In English 3.39 Mo - In French

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