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7 Wonders: Babel Rulebook


Babel is made up of two expansions, which may be played together or separately. The fi rst expansion, Tower of Babel, will allow you to erect the mythical tower. Each tile built will influence all of the players with regards to commerce, war, science, and civil affairs…

4.02 Mo - In English 4.03 Mo - In French

7 Wonders - Cities : Anniversary Pack Rulebook


Add the new City cards to those already available. Follow the setup rules of the Cities expansion.

333.95 Ko - In English 330.66 Ko - In French

7 Wonders: Cities Rulebook


This expansion for 7 Wonders gives you the chance to discover another aspect of the great cities of Antiquity. 27 new cards offer you brand new buildings with never before-seen effects. 3 Guilds, 6 Leaders and 2 Wonders complete this expansion. 7 Wonders Cities allows up to 8 players at once and also offers a team variant.

1.36 Mo - In English 1.35 Mo - In French

7 Wonders Duel: Pantheon Rulebook


This expansion for 7 Wonders Duel offers players the ability to invoke powerful Divinities to benefit from their powers. During Age I, the players will choose the Divinities they will be able to invoke during Ages II and III. Grands Temples make their appearance and are substituted for the Guilds.

1.27 Mo - In English 1.27 Mo - In French

7 Wonders Duel Rulebook


Welcome to 7 Wonders Duel! 7 Wonders Duel is a game for 2 players in the world of 7 Wonders, the best-selling boardgame.

4.15 Mo - In English 4.18 Mo - In French

7 Wonders: Edifice Rulebook


This expansion to 7 Wonders lets you participate in building communal edifices to turn a profit. You are not required to participate, although you will bear responsibility for any projects that fail. This expansion slightly changes the base rules to 7 Wonders, but the victory conditions remain the same.

660.48 Ko - In English 635.28 Ko - In French

7 Wonders - Leaders : Anniversary Pack Rulebook


Add the new Leader cards to those already available. Important: Some cards can only be used with the Cities expansion

374.86 Ko - In English 377.74 Ko - In French

7 Wonders: Leaders Rulebook


« One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.»

1.19 Mo - In English 1.20 Mo - In French

7 Wonders Rulebook


Lead one of the seven great cities of the Ancient world. Exploit the natural resources of your lands, take part in the eternal march of progress, develop your commercial relationships and assert your military might.

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7 Wonders: Wonder Pack Rulebook


Special Rule: the Stages of the Great Wall can be built in any order, at the player’s choice. Clarification: The player must choose the Stage to be built before the other players reveal their action.

346.40 Ko - In English 349.28 Ko - In French

80 Days Rulebook


After hearing about the crazy bet made by Mr. Phileas Fogg who travelled the world in just 80 days, you decide to go for an even harder challenge. You get started right away to do better. You will take an exciting trip around the world and fill your travel diary with experiences so that you can show everyone who the toughest traveller is. Grab your luggage, some money and off you go!

2.27 Mo - In English

878: Vikings – Invasions of England Rulebook


Each player chooses a Faction to play and takes the corresponding Units (miniatures), Battle Dice and Faction Cards of that Faction’s color. The English side’s Factions are the blue Housecarl and the green Thegn. The Viking side’s Factions are the black Norsemen and the red Berserker.

5.29 Mo - In English 5.93 Mo - In French

5 / 394 - 4,727 results