Ghost Stories

2008 - (x)(x)(x)(x)(,) 4.1 - 466 Notes
Ghost Stories

1-4 Players
Best of 4 players

60 Min
Playing time

Age: 12+
Minimum age


(Good - usually willing to play.)

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Many have fallen to end the reign of terror of Wu-Feng, the Lord of the New Underworld. The funeral urn that houses its ashes was hidden in the cemetery of a village in the Middle Kingdom. The years have passed, the generations have succeeded one another, and the cursed inheritance has been forgotten by the living. Tucked away in the underworld, Wu-Feng has not forgotten anything. His ceaseless research allowed him to locate the receptacle. The shadow of his incarnation extends already to the villagers unaware of the danger that threatens them. Fortunately, the Taoist monks guard, guarding the border between the dead and the living. Armed with their courage, their faith and their powers, they will try to send Wu-Feng back to the underworld.

Each player controls a monk and will make him act in turn on the village squares (regain strength, fight monsters, etc.). The players must work together to divide the tasks because each turn of new ghosts arrive or progress towards the village. Without a minimum of coordination, players run straight to defeat. But no matter how (by force or cunning), players will have to repel the waves of ghosts before facing the terrible incarnation of Wu-Feng in the final battle. The outcome of the battle depends on the future of the peaceful villagers. Will you be able to repel these infernal specters and restore peace?

Ghost Stories ArtworkGhost Stories ArtworkGhost Stories ArtworkGhost Stories Artwork

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Primary titleGhost Stories
Year published2008
Release DateOctober 2008
Acquisition dateAdd my game acquisition date
LanguagesGerman, English, French
Product CodeRPGSFR01
EAN Code5425016920336
Weight3.57 lbs
Size11.22 x 11.22 x 2.99 inches
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DesignersAntoine Bauza
ArtistsPiérô La Lune
PublishersRepos Production
Type of publicAmateur