Star Munchkin 2 - La Guerre des Clowns
Expansion for: Star Munchkin

2009 - (x)(x)(x)(x)() 4 - 2 Notes

3-6 Players
Best of 4 players

90 Min
Playing time

Age: 10+
Minimum age

() () () () () () () () () ()

(Good - usually willing to play.)

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The attack of ...

Yes, you guessed! Star Munchkin 2 makes you live the epic saga of The Clown Wars, but with better actors! In Star Munchkin, you already found all the crazy rules, the bigbills, the dungeon plunder, in short, the madness of the game Munchkin, but in space. Well, with this supplement, things are getting worse ...

Grab Pulverilaser or X-Ray Laser to knock out new monsters like the Space Opera Cantatrice! Play members of a new breed (the Insectoids) and a new class (Space Ranger), with Ralph the Great Dog by your side. Discover a new type of card: coins. You just have to open a door and ...

And in the proud tradition of "now that we do it twice, it's becoming a tradition ...", some cards have been designed by special guests! Thanks to Howard Tayler (the Plasma Cannon, whose illustration depicts Schlock), R. Stevens (The Space Momia) and Jon Rosenberg (The Evil Raclette of the Milky Way) who kindly lent us their characters. Schlock, the Mummy of Space and the Evil Raclette of the Milky Way belong to their creators and appear with their permission!

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(x)(x)(x)(x)() 4 - 2 Notes
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Star Munchkin Règle

Des munchkins dans l'espace ! Maintenant les munchkins sont des Mutants, des Cyborgs et des Hommes-Chats... qui utilisent des Lasers, des Vibrolames et des Grenades nova... pour affronter des Boules d...

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Star Munchkin Rulebook

The Munchkins have left the dungeon ... And now they’re in orbit, rampaging through the Space Station, killing the monsters and taking their stuff! Star Munchkin is based on the original Munchkin and...

In English

Star Munchkin 2: The Clown Wars Rulebook

This is a new type of card. Rooms are found in the Door deck. When a Room appears face-up, it means you have entered that room. Follow the instructions on the Room card. Room effects take place immedi...

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Full Credits

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Primary titleStar Munchkin 2 - La Guerre des Clowns
Year published2009
Release DateJanuary 2009
Product CodeUBISM02
EAN Code9781556347245
Weight0.40 lbs
Size3.74 x 4.69 x 0.87 inches
DesignersSteve Jackson
ArtistsJohn Kovalic
Alex Fernandez
Philip Reed
PublishersEdge Entertainment
Steve Jackson Games
Type of publicFamily
Expansion for2006 - Star Munchkin