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From family games to the toad, ten progressive difficulty games to help children learn the basics of reading. Many hours of games in a small box! Reading: Being able to break down words into syllables and sounds is an essential prerequisite for reading entry. However, this is not an easy exercise. Some tips before you start....

Syllable sets: A word is composed of one or more syllables. Singing the word makes it easier to identify the syllables that make it up. Example: pants; say pan-ta-lon, stating each syllable in a different tone. The notion of syllable is often easier to identify than that of sound, and is therefore often acquired first.

Sounds games: The sound (or phoneme) is the noise made by a letter where the association of several letters: the letter F is pronounced "èf", the sound F is pronounced "fff". The letter P is pronounced "pé", the sound P is pronounced "pe": the final E is only heard very slightly, it is only an explosion. The letters C and H form the phoneme "CH".

If these games have an educational purpose, they are above all funny and fun... good games!

Tap'syllabes & Chante Sons Back
Tap'syllabes & Chante Sons Cartes
Tap'syllabes & Chante Sons Cover
Tap'syllabes & Chante Sons Cover 3d
Tap'syllabes & Chante Sons Cover 3d

Contents of the box : 110 cards (80 image cards, 28 letter cards, 1 "mistigri" card, 1 "alphabet" card).

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Primary titleTap'syllabes & Chante Sons
Year published2009
Release DateDecember 2009
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Product CodeTRA01
EAN Code3558380009450
Weight0.49 lbs
Size3.70 x 7.17 x 0.87 inches
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DesignersLaurence Boukobza
ArtistsJean-Michel Lasausa
Vincent Farges
Type of publicChild