La Folie des Glandeurs

2010 - (x)(x)(x)()() 2.7 - 16 Notes
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Welcome to the kings of the glandouille, for whom it is essential not to work! Your objective: to win as many "Gill" cards as possible while trying to avoid "Work" cards. Chair races in the corridors, repeated farewells, throwing paper planes at colleagues... rush without restraint on these good cards! On the other hand, be unscrupulous and let your opponents have endless meetings, constant phone calls and piles of files to file... Be smart and hit the table at the right time to win the right batch of cards before the others!

To be elected King of the Gland, make the right choices and keep your hair in your hand!

La Folie des Glandeurs Back 3d
La Folie des Glandeurs Carte
La Folie des Glandeurs Carte
La Folie des Glandeurs Cartes
La Folie des Glandeurs Contenu

Contents of the box : 1 "Ginger of the month" card, 15 "Work" cards, 42 "Ginger" cards, 21 special cards (11 "Nap" cards, 7 "Shoe polish" cards, 3 "Employee of the month" cards), 1 rule of the game.

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Primary titleLa Folie des Glandeurs
Year published2010
Release DateFebruary 2010
Acquisition dateAdd my game acquisition date
Product CodeFOL01
EAN Code3760052140648
Weight0.71 lbs
Size2.76 x 8.86 x 1.18 inches
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DesignersReiner Knizia
ArtistsCharlie Bink
Matt Groening
Maureen Wingrove
PublishersCocktail Games
Type of publicFamily