Photo Party

2010 - (x)(x)(x)(x)(,) 4.1 - 40 Notes
Photo Party

6-15 Players
Best of 6 players

20 Min
Playing time

Age: 8+
Minimum age


(Good - usually willing to play.)

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A player is designated (or claims to be) a photographer. He is the game leader throughout the game. His role? Have the other players take the poses indicated on the cards. How much can he afford? A camera, motivated and docile comrades and great conducting skills!

At the beginning of the game, the game leader selects 12 cards according to the location and level of difficulty desired. For each card drawn, the photographer reads the test to the players, specifying the criteria that will allow them to score points, then triggers the camera's "self-timer" function. Does your camera not have a self-timer? Count down first aloud and then in a low voice to preserve the surprise effect. Indeed, during the 10 seconds of waiting before the photo is taken, players can lose their bearings (or balance!) and an a priori pose that is easy to make can turn into Cirque du Soleil for dummies!

Once you have taken all 12 pictures, view them directly on the camera screen or on a computer screen and count the points. As soon as a player's position meets the required criteria, he or she earns points. The player with the most at the end of the game wins.

Warning: this game requires the use of a camera (preferably with the self-timer function)!

Photo Party Carte
Photo Party Carte
Photo Party Cartes
Photo Party Cartes
Photo Party Cartes

Contents of the box : 46 "test" cards, 3 "rule" cards.

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Primary titlePhoto Party
Year published2010
Release DateJuly 2010
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Product CodeJP35
EAN Code3760052140693
Weight0.40 lbs
Size3.74 x 3.74 x 1.18 inches
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DesignersLaurent Escoffier
Marc Tabourin
ArtistsOlivier Fagnère
PublishersCocktail Games
Type of publicFamily