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The scary story of the students was typical of the superstitious nature of the people of Arkham. Even the highly educated faculty of Miskatonic University seemed to believe that this place was cursed, haunted, or worse. The dilapidated building was built in the late 17th century by Keziah Mason, a woman sentenced to death in Salem for allegedly practicing witchcraft. But she mysteriously escaped the gallows and never heard of it again. Her former home is now called the Witch's House, and the legends on this house bloom like flies around a corpse. If only the disappearance of Nola Mason could be part of these legends ...

Nola Mason - a brilliant young mathematics student from Miskatonic University - is one of the many residents of the Witch's House. Frank Elwood, another tenant, recently reported that Nola was missing. Your case starts here. Frank informed you that Nola had moved into the Witch's House to explore a theory: she thought that the Riemannian equations could distort time and space by opening portals to other places and dimensions. And something in the architecture of the House of the Sorceress intrigued him.

Frank describes how, over time, Nola became obsessed, isolating herself in different rooms to study the complicated angles of the house, and how she talked about how to prove her theory. But she began to make strange statements, like talking at night with old Keziah. She even claimed to have seen the familiar rat-like witch Brown Jenkin, who was the source of many urban legends about the Witch's House.

It is with real fear that Frank begged you to find his missing friend before midnight, the beginning of Walpurgis night.

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Primary titleLes Demeures de l'Épouvante: Saison de la Sorcière
Year published2011
Release DateDecember 2011
Acquisition dateAdd my game acquisition date
Product CodePODDE01
EAN Code9781616611705
Weight0.26 lbs
Size5.91 x 8.66 x 1.18 inches
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DesignersRichard Launius
ArtistsHenning Ludvigsen
Michael Silsby
PublishersEdge Entertainment
Fantasy Flight Games
Type of publicAmateur
Expansion for2011 - Les Demeures de l'Épouvante