Blood Bowl: Team Manager - Le Jeu de Cartes

2012 - (x)(x)(x)(x)() 4.2 - 92 Notes

2-4 Players
Best of 4 players

90 Min
Playing time

Age: 14+
Minimum age

() () () () () () () () () ()

(Good - usually willing to play.)

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Blood Bowl: Team Manager - Le Jeu de Cartes Cartes
Blood Bowl: Team Manager - Le Jeu de Cartes Cartes
Blood Bowl: Team Manager - Le Jeu de Cartes Cartes
Blood Bowl: Team Manager - Le Jeu de Cartes Cover
Blood Bowl: Team Manager - Le Jeu de Cartes Cover 3d

Bloodbowl is a sports anthem dedicated to broken bones, breathtaking athletic demonstrations, violence and frankly shameless cheating.

Chaos, Dwarves, Wood Elves, Humans, Orcs and Skaven teams compete in a brutal season. The manager who builds the best team and attracts the most fans will win the coveted Spike Manager of the Year award! Magazine. The manager who fails ... well Chaos All-Stars, for example cook and eat their manager after a lost season. (If they win, they can eat it raw!)

Blood Bowl: Team Manager, The Card Game is a complete game for 2 to 4 managers, which will keep them in suspense for a whole season of Blood Bowl. Personalize your team by enlisting Stars, hiring coaches, upgrading facilities, and cheating like crazy.

Lead your group of broken arms and miscreants to glory by crushing your opponents to become Spike's Manager of the Year! Magazine.

May the season begin. And crack the Azes! Your hour of glory has arrived!

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Blood Bowl: Team Manager - Le Jeu de Cartes Règle

Bienvenue à vous, les fans de sport, les fidèles spectateurs de Cabalvision ! C’est Blood Bowl ! Le sport le plus populaire du Vieux Monde, n’est-ce pas Bob ? Bien sûr Jim, et pour une raison très sim...

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Blood Bowl: Team Manager – The Card Game Rulebook

Welcome, sports fans, and all our loyal viewers on Cabalvision! This is Blood Bowl! The most popular sport in the Old World, isn’t that right, Bob? It sure is, Jim, and for one simple reason: it’s the...

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Blood Bowl: Team Manager - Le Jeu de Cartes FAQ

L’amélioration d’équipe «Entraînement Rigoureux» pour les Grudgebearers devrait avoir le texte suivant : «Réponse : chaque fois qu’un de vos joueurs avec GARDE est couché, piochez 1 carte de votre dec...

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