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Congratulations: you are the proud owner of a magnificent mansion! Too bad it's haunted! It's up to you to chase away its unwanted occupants before daybreak by scaring them with even scarier ghosts, even if it means sending them to your neighbours' gardens!

Ghooost! is a fast and clever card game in which players will try to get rid of all their cards as quickly as possible: those of their hand, of course, but especially that of their personal deck, or "mansion". But there's no question of touching it until the common pickaxe is exhausted, or while they still have cards in their hands!

Each player receives 4 cards, as well as a personal deck whose size varies according to the number of players. In turn, you must play a card equal to or greater than the one previously played or pick up all the cards in play, then draw up to 4 cards in your hand. You can play 2 or 3 identical cards to immediately play a new round. A square can be played on any other card, and sends all the cards in play to the discard ("cemetery"). Instead of picking up the cards, a player can also try to play the first card of the deck, which he should take with all the others if it is not strong enough.

There are 7 types of special cards (with colored backgrounds) whose effects spice up the game: The red cards (3 and 12) can only be covered by other red cards. Yellow cards (1 and "Kitty") can always be played (even on red cards). Kitty also passes the next player's turn. The 8 (blue) changes the direction of the game. The 11 (blue) allows you to discard the cards in play and replay them immediately. Miss Copy (blue X) allows you to form combinations by copying the value of the card(s) with which it is played.

Once the common draw pile is exhausted, players try to empty the cards in their mansion one by one. If at the beginning of his turn a player has no cards in his hand, he plays the first card of his deck.

The last player with cards left loses the game and takes a "Boo! The others win 1 point, plus 1 bonus point for the first to get rid of their cards, and 2 points for the last!

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Primary titleGhooost !
Year published2013
Release DateMarch 2013
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Product Code51076
EAN Code3760175510762
Weight0.55 lbs
Size5.91 x 5.91 x 1.57 inches
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DesignersRichard Garfield
ArtistsIgor Polouchine
Dimitri Chappuis
Type of publicFamily