Les Demeures de l'Épouvante: Le Signe Jaune
Expansion for: Les Demeures de l'Épouvante

2-5 Players
Best of 3 players

150 Min
Playing time

Age: 14+
Minimum age

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(Good - usually willing to play.)

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What is going on ? You ask, hoping to get answers on the faces of your new companions. They seem, unfortunately, as troubled as you. All of a sudden, the doors of the theater open on the fly and an elegant man detaches, pursued by a robust policeman.

"He is coming ! Exclaims the disturbed gentleman." The King is coming! Unroll the red carpet! He will govern us from Carcosa and reign in - "His last words are cut off net when the huge policeman pin him to the ground. "Tonight, you're going to rule a cell, poor idiot! "What's going on?" Ask the policeman. He looks at you curiously while handcuffing the madman mumbling under its imposing mass.

"You took a nap during the play, did not you? He asks with a hint of taunting. "Do you consider yourself happy, you could have become as crazy as these poor devils. I would strangle the guy who wrote this damn piece! "

At these words, one of your new companions indicates a poster of the play. The Court of Carcosa, by Julian Glen. The name suddenly revives your memory. Julian Glen is an author and new lecturer invited by the theater section of Miskatonic. You had been hired to investigate his work by a member of the Theater Writers' Union who accuses Glen of plagiarizing someone else's work. You will quickly find the place where you can find this author ...

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Be careful this game is an extension of Les Demeures de l'Épouvante and cannot be played alone. To be able to play it you must have a copy of the game Les Demeures de l'Épouvante .

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Primary titleLes Demeures de l'Épouvante: Le Signe Jaune
Year published2013
Release DateApril 2013
Product CodePODDE05
EAN Code9781616614560
Weight0.26 lbs
Size5.91 x 8.66 x 1.18 inches
DesignersBrady Sadler
ArtistsTaylor Ingvarsson
PublishersEdge Entertainment
Fantasy Flight Games
Type of publicAmateur
Expansion for2011 - Les Demeures de l'Épouvante