2013 - (x)(x)(x)(x)() 4.2 - 258 Notes

4-8 Players
Nb of players

30 Min
Playing time

Age: 10+
Minimum age

() () () () () () () () () ()

(Good - usually willing to play.)

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Your mission, if you accept it ...

In Linq you take turns as a spy and a spy-spy.

Your mission as a spy: identify your contact, make yourself recognized by him, do not be identified as a spy.

As a counter-spy, you will need to: break through the spies, defeat their mission by pretending to be one of them.

Your weapons will be ... words!

Wacky words, serious words, unexpected words, clever words or words of slang: it's up to you to choose them!

Play on double-meaning, associations of ideas, expressions, the discussion of the day before to get your message out of the blue ... or to pass for another!

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Linq (2013)
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Linq Règle

Votre mission, si vous l’acceptez … Dans Linq vous endosserez tour à tour le rôle d’un espion et celui d’un contre-espion.

In French

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Primary titleLinq
Year published2013
Release DateJune 2013
Product CodeILV002LI
EAN Code3770001808017
Weight1.21 lbs
Size3.74 x 7.68 x 0.91 inches
DesignersAndrea Meyer
Erik Nielsen
ArtistsPiérô La Lune
Sensit Communication GmbH
Sebastian Wagner
David Raphet
Design Edge
Jean Laurent
PublishersIn Ludo Veritas
DistributorsBlackrock Games
Type of publicFamily