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Bid skillfully to buy the most prestigious buildings without breaking the bank. Once all the houses are sold, resell your acquisitions at the right time to pocket the biggest checks and force your opponents to pay the high price to become the king of real estate!

The game takes place in two phases: the Purchase phase and the Sale phase, each of which takes place in several rounds.

Buy House Phase: Place as many house cards as players in the center of the table. Players bid one after another by placing coins in front of them. When a player passes, he gets the house card of smaller Value still available, and gets half of his bid. The last player, who therefore recovers the card with the greatest value, spends his entire bid! When all house cards have been purchased, the Sale of Houses phase begins.

Sale phase of houses: Deposit in the center of the table as many check cards as players. Players each choose a House card from their hand and reveal it simultaneously. The player who played the House with the highest value takes the highest check, and so on.

When all House cards have been sold and all checks have been collected, the richest player is declared the winner.

For Sale Artwork
For Sale Artwork
For Sale Back
For Sale Cartes
For Sale Cartes

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Primary titleFor Sale
Year published2015
Release DateSeptember 2015
Acquisition dateAdd my game acquisition date
Product Code51265
EAN Code3760175512650
Weight0.71 lbs
Size5.98 x 5.98 x 1.57 inches
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DesignersStefan Dorra
ArtistsAlvin Madden
Catell Ruz
Klaus Wilinski
Óscar Aguado
Uros Vuckovic
Type of publicAmateur