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Harald unified the different kingdoms and became King of this powerful nation. In this newly established peace, the different peoples will wage another war, made of intrigue and struggle for influence. Send emissaries to the King's Council to attract his favours, and bring back to your village the prestige acquired. Harald is a game of influence and majority. At the head of a village, each player will try to attract the most influential characters of the country to be noticed by the King, and enter his good graces. But to win, you will need to think carefully and use each character's skills wisely.

Each turn, the players will place a card at the King's Council (center of the table) and in their village (in front of them). Harald's principle is based on this basis of point counting common to all, which will be built up as the game progresses (the king's advice), forcing players to constantly adapt and be smart to take advantage of the opponents' work.

Despite an extremely simple rule, the links between the cards will make the game very strategic.

Harald Carte
Harald Carte
Harald Carte
Harald Carte
Harald Carte

Contents of the box : 66 cards, 4 game aids, 1 score block.

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Primary titleHarald
Year published2015
Release DateOctober 2015
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LanguagesEnglish, French
Product CodePIX160
EAN Code3770005142018
Weight1.68 lbs
Size6.30 x 5.04 x 1.73 inches
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DesignersRémi Gruber
ArtistsEmmanuel Civiello
PublishersRunes Editions
DistributorsPixie Games
Type of publicFamily