Pirates Fantasy Island

2015 - (x)(x)(x)(x)(x) 5 - 2 Notes
Pirates Fantasy Island

2 Players
Nb of players

15 Min
Playing time

Age: 8+
Minimum age


(Good - usually willing to play.)

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An old Pirate locked in prison who must orally transmit to his young mate who has stayed outside the house the appropriate instructions to reconstitute the treasure map (it's sexier than pipes, isn't it?). A team game, then. It's always nice to play as a team, especially in a professional environment.

To simulate ambient noise, poor quality telephone communication, no problem... On the one hand we will put two teams in competition (which will manage to find its treasure first... and then it will create an emulation... a feeling of urgency, as for a crisis situation on the ground). And in addition, we will impose, turn after turn, a particular way of communicating to blur the listening (sorry... couldn't stop me...), like talking with the hand in front of the mouth, or like a ventriloquist...

To take into account the possibility of making mistakes because of the close nomenclature of different elements in the field, the different areas of the treasure map will be called beaches... all different beaches, but with close consonances. (Oracabech Playa, Ocarabess Palia, Oracabess Playa etc. etc...).

Finally, to follow the paths on the reconstructed map with your finger, well... these paths are almost impossible to follow with the naked eye... indeed, they have green dotted lines in the middle of lush vegetation in orange red tones... On the other hand, when you place the small red transparent plastic filter on the map and push it with your finger, the vegetation disappears, giving way to the path you have to follow.

The great advantage of this game is that, when it is explained, only the rules of the game are indicated to the different teams. Each one is free to use the mode of communication and tracking of paths that seems best suited to the situation..... And in the urgency of the game, with the competition, everyone tries to go as fast as possible... and forgets everything. Except that at the end of each run, without using secure communication techniques, no chance of having found THE right solution... repeat the exercise with secure communication then leads, each time, to find this solution.

In short, a playful situation that is much more meaningful than all the usual seminars, and which has clearly led to awareness...

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Primary titlePirates Fantasy Island
Year published2015
Release DateJanuary 2015
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DesignersBruno Cathala
Emmanuel Guilhaumond
ArtistsCyril Bouquet
Type of publicFamily