2016 - (x)(x)(x)(x)(x) 4.6 - 28 Notes

3-5 Players
Best of 5 players

90 Min
Playing time

Age: 12+
Minimum age

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(Good - usually willing to play.)

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Dive into the heart of ancient Egypt, play a pharaoh and enter history by building the most grandiose pyramids!

Released in 2003, AMUN-RE is a pillar among the games created by the famous Dr. R. Knizia, multi-international, but also finalist of the Tric Trac d'Or.

The game is based on an original auction mechanism with tight management of resources and money. If the game is simple to apprehend, it is by chaining the parts that we take the full measure of the depth of the game. All the difficulty is in the dosage, not in the choice of the action.

There are custom meeples in this reissue, a beautiful and large immersive game board, and the heart of the game, the pyramids, are resin!

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Amun-re (2016)
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Amun-re (2016)
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Amun-re (2016)
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Amun-re Cover
Amun-re (2016)
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Amun-re Règle

Plongez au cœur de l’Egypte antique, incarnez un pharaon et entrez dans l’Histoire en construisant les pyramides les plus grandioses !

In French

Amun-re Rulebook

In ancient Egypt, ages and generations rise and fall under the watchful eyes of Amun-Re. Leading a royal family, you will contend with the other families to acquire provinces, build grand temples and...

In English

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Primary titleAmun-re
Year published2016
Release DateApril 2016
Product CodeJDPSMP002
EAN Code8032611690297
Weight5.03 lbs
Size11.81 x 11.81 x 2.99 inches
DesignersReiner Knizia
ArtistsFranz Vohwinkel
Isidre Monés
PublishersSuper Meeple
DistributorsAbysse Corp.
Type of publicAmateur