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Experience the adventures of Conan, Shevatas the thief or Hadrathus the priest. Fight monsters, necromancers or Picts led by Zogar Sag. Travel alongside Belit, the Queen of the Black Coast, and her pirate crew. Fight great battles in hostels full of guards or ruined castles.

The one of you who will lead the Overlord's troops will face the Heroes, united to survive and achieve their goals. Its victory or defeat will depend on the strategic choices of each side and the ability of the Heroes to cooperate. Each scenario will introduce you to a specific place and a different game configuration.

Conan Artwork
Conan Cartes
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Conan funded on the Kickstarter platform

Conan was funded on the Crowdfunding Kickstarter (See the campaign) platform on the 11 February 2015, the campaign lasted 30 days. 16,038 people helped funded the game, whose the amount requested was $80,000.00. Thanks to these 16,038 people the game could be funded up to $3,327,757.00, ~4,159.70%.

How to play?

Conan Plateau

Conan is a board game with figurines for 2 to 5 players in which you join the famous barbarian in his adventures and live with him his most glorious battles through an asymmetric and open game system. Each side has two sides: one of the players will take on the role of the "Overlord" and control the evil hordes to achieve his evil designs, while the other players will each play a unique hero and cooperate to achieve their goals.

Each hero has a character card that allows him to control his figure on the battlefield by performing various actions such as moving, fighting, defending himself or picking the lock of a chest.

Heroes will have to play in cooperation to carry out their actions in the most efficient way possible while defending themselves from the Overlord's attacks. Unlike Heroes who control only one protagonist each, the Overlord has a tablet in front of him, called the Book of Skelos, which allows him to control a multitude of characters.

The Overlord's troops are materialized in the form of tiles containing figurines with identical characteristics that act simultaneously as Pict Warriors or Pirates. Sometimes a tile represents only one central character in the scenario, such as the terrible wizard Zogar Sag or the merciless Captain Zaporavo.

How to win?

Each part of Conan is based on a scenario. Each scenario indicates the location in which it takes place, the context of the mission as well as the necessary implementation and objectives to be achieved by each of the camps to achieve victory.

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Contents of the box : 74 miniatures, 1 Book of Skelos, 2 double-sided boards, 45 tiles, 55 cards (42x63mm), 9 engraved dice, 4 hero cards, 148 counters, 75 gems, 25 bases, 4 game aids, 1 lap track, 1 hero rule book, 1 Overlord rule book.

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Primary titleConan
Year published2016
Release DateNovember 2016
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Product CodeMONCON01EN
EAN Code3770000010596
Weight6.17 lbs
Size16.93 x 12.20 x 4.13 inches
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DesignersBruno Cathala
Antoine Bauza
Frédéric Henry
Ludovic Maublanc
Pascal Bernard
Laurent Pouchain
ArtistsXavier Gueniffey Durin
Adrian Smith
Xavier Collette
Georges Clarenko
Paolo Parente
Stéphane Simon
Viktor Dragosani
Kekai Kotaki
Yannick Hennebo
Type of publicPassionate