Galaxy Trucker: Missions

2016 - (x)(x)(x)(x)() 3.7 - 2 Notes
Galaxy Trucker: Missions

2-5 Players
Best of 4 players

60 Min
Playing time

Age: 14+
Minimum age


(Good - usually willing to play.)

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By the creator of Space Alert, Through the Ages and Dungeon Lords! When, in 2007, we founded Czech Games Edition, our first published game was Galaxy Trucker, the board game. Since then, many expansions have emerged.

In 2014, Galaxy Trucker became our first game adapted on tablets and smartphones. And as we love when this type of apps tells players a real story, we've included a campaign mode where you can become a Corp. driver. Inc., cross the Galaxy, discover new planets and space stations, unlock new models of ships, meet exciting characters, and - icing on the cake - you embark on the perilous missions offered by the different characters of the game.

These missions were then included in the Online mode. The players loved this system of missions, and many internet sites have elected Galaxy Trucker best digital adaptation of a board game. We then thought again to the faithful players of the plateau version. Today, the loop is complete. This expansion now offers you to experience the missions of Galaxy Trucker on your coffee table!

These missions combine perfectly with Galaxy Trucker, the basic game. Expansions are not necessary. Even if you finish many flights without any scratches, you will find that this expansion can turn the basic game into a real challenge.

Of course, missions are also compatible with all other expansions. You can combine them at your leisure, as you wish.

Good to know!

We bring to your attention that this game is an extension and therefore cannot be played alone. Renew your games by enriching your basic game with this extension.

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Primary titleGalaxy Trucker: Missions
Year published2016
Release DateMarch 2016
Acquisition dateAdd my game acquisition date
Product Code51297
EAN Code3760175512971
Weight0.93 lbs
Size6.46 x 9.13 x 2.13 inches
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DesignersVlaada Chvátil
ArtistsTomáš Kučerovský
Radim Pech
Type of publicAmateur
Expansion for2013 - Galaxy Trucker: Édition Anniversaire
2010 - Galaxy Trucker
2008 - Galaxy Trucker