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The triumphant Empire ... The Imperial Navy has located the Echo Base, the temporary refuge of the Rebellion, and launched a devastating attack! The Rebels are struggling to leave the surface of Hoth in the hope of finding refuge on planets close to the system. The danger is omnipresent: patrols of the Imperial forces are incessant, and enemy spies search the system in search of the Rebels. Only the bravest heroes would dare to come back to Hoth ...

Browse the frozen plains of Hoth in this new expansion for Assault on the Empire! Back to Hoth proposes a new campaign of sixteen unpublished missions that begins in the frantic wake of the Battle of Hoth. Your fierce fight to protect the Rebel refugees will lead you through the Outer Rim, but you will soon find yourself in the abandoned ruins of Base Echo, with a desperate plan to stop the Imperial attack! Three new heroes will join the fight in this expansion, and will work alongside Princess Leia to oppose the Empire's forces, while new items, classes, rewards and shelf tiles will take you deeper into the world. Star Wars adventure.

Back to Hoth also features new Action Figures and Cards that will allow each faction to set up exciting skirmish strategies. You'll be able to line up deadly HK assassin droids, elite Imperial snowtroopers, sturdy Echo Base infantrymen or the murderous bounty hunter Dengar. All-new skirmish missions feature snow-covered plateaus, and the new Command Cards will help you lead your troops to victory!

Star Wars: Assaut sur l'Empire - Retour sur Hoth Artwork
Star Wars: Assaut sur l'Empire - Retour sur Hoth Cartes
Star Wars: Assaut sur l'Empire - Retour sur Hoth Cover
Star Wars: Assaut sur l'Empire - Retour sur Hoth Cover 3d
Star Wars: Assaut sur l'Empire - Retour sur Hoth Figurines

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Star Wars: Imperial Assault Rulebook : English

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Primary titleStar Wars: Assaut sur l'Empire - Retour sur Hoth
Year published2016
Release DateOctober 2016
Acquisition dateAdd my game acquisition date
Product CodeUBISWI19
EAN Code8435407609075
Weight3.09 lbs
Size11.61 x 11.61 x 2.76 inches
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Personal noteAdd a personal comment
DesignersJustin Kemppainen
Paul Winchester
Jonathan Ying
Samuel Bailey
Todd Michlitsch
Steven Kimball
ArtistsHenning Ludvigsen
PublishersEdge Entertainment
Fantasy Flight Games
Type of publicAmateur
Expansion for2015 - Star Wars: Assaut sur l'Empire