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After your sinking near Kokota, a nomadic tribe gathered the six intrepid adventurers rescued by the Nukha. They will travel together for a while, through the mountains of Luma. At dusk, the nomads set up the camp and light a big fire. The great shaman invited our heroes to drink some kind of potion and their spirit split. To the rhythm of haunting music, they will plunge body and soul into the stories that are told around the fire, and whose snatches seem really disjointed ...

It's up to you to collect the bits of history to try to reconstruct the legends of Luma. The adventurer who has written the greatest legends will win the game. But beware, isolated snippets of conversation have no value in the end. They can even confuse you and make you lose valuable points at dawn.

You play as one of five adventurers: Moon, Siana, Red, Ulrich or Nostromo. Lily is a character not played for this opus. In your turn, two options are available to you: to move around the fire to listen to the stories and to collect the tiles which interest you in the manner of awalé; To do this, you choose a stack of Adventurer discs, then sow these discs one by one in front of each slot. If you finish on Lys' position, take a tile immediately. Then all the adventurers who find themselves on the top of a stack following this move collect the corresponding History tile. Or discard the previously picked tiles, to get a Legend or Song card that will earn you points at the end of the game.

The number of tiles discarded gives access to versions of Legends of more or less important value. If you discard all different tiles, you win a Song, but you can only do it once in the game.

Opal Moon tiles are present in the stacks of tiles on the board. When picked up by a player, they are placed on the lunar dial on the edge of the board. When the Moon is complete, an inventory of player points is made, and the one in the lead is awarded 3 of the 4 Moon tiles. The second takes a moon tile.

There are two or three moon lifts that you should not miss during the game. Watch your opponents and stay in the race, even reviewing your plans during the game.

The game ends when there are only one or two stacks of tiles on the board. Players add the points on the Legend and Song cards and one point per Opal Moon tile they earned during the game, and subtract one point per story tile still in their possession.

The player with the highest score wins the game.

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Primary titleNomades
Year published2017
Release DateOctober 2017
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Product CodeLUNOM01FR
EAN Code3760269590007
Weight1.75 lbs
Size5.91 x 7.87 x 3.94 inches
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DesignersGary Kim
ArtistsIan Parovel
Clément Masson
Radja Sauperamaniane
Andreï Tatarchenko
Swann Tolazzi
DistributorsBlackrock Games
Type of publicAmateur