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A hybrid party game! Compete with ingenuity in this crazy team game! Use the Team Pics application to take crazy pictures with your teammates and guess what's behind the other players' photos. Two letters to find a word, a pose and click! A picture to make you guess. Intuitive handling, rhythmic parts. Good atmosphere and photos memories at the end!

Form three teams of at least two players, open the "TeamPics" application in your smartphone and start a game. In turn, a team (1) will have to discover what the other two (2 and 3) are trying to make them guess. While the first team chooses the theme of the round, teams 2 and 3 draw a vowel card and a consonant card. These two teams then embark on a staging race to make you guess a word that combines the chosen theme and the two letters drawn by making a picture immortalized in the application. Can you be ingenious enough to describe Venice, a bear or even a car in pictures?

As the first team, analyze the photos in the application, enter your answers and score 2 points if they are correct. Teams 2 and 3, with their incredible talent as photographers and actors, score 1 point if their word is guessed. Overcome the cards, express your different hidden (or not) talents and win the victory with clichés.

Contents of the box : 48 cards, 1 rule booklet.

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Primary titleTeam Pics
Year published2017
Release DateFebruary 2017
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Product Code00102
EAN Code5904262001025
Weight0.26 lbs
Size3.70 x 3.70 x 1.02 inches
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DesignersGhost Frog
Gwennaël Codet-Hache
Mathieu Blayo
Type of publicFamily