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Your last adventure has taken you where you should never have gone: in the underworld! You must flee and join a boat that will bring you back safely. But Cerberus, the infernal molosse, is on your heels and intends to keep you forever.

Try to escape Hell, with Cerberus on your heels! Cooperate to progress to the boat that will take you through the Styx. But beware, the places are limited ... How long will you cooperate to escape Cerbère, and when will you decide to betray the group to ensure a place in the boat?

In turn, choose between: you benefit a little to the detriment of the group, or benefit the group but staying on site. If everyone favors self-help, it becomes easier to escape from Cerberus. But often, it is too tempting to go alone and let his companions feed on the beast ... You start the game cooperating, but the places for victory are limited. And if Cerberus catches you, he offers you to win the game by defeating your old companions! Will you trust other players, even in the worst moments, or will you be the first to betray to save your skin? "Cerberus" offers reversals of epic situations, puts your confidence to the test, and makes you live some remarkable adventures. You have not finished reminding your companions of misfortune what grime they made you last time, or with what heroic act you saved the group!

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Primary titleCerbère
Year published2018
Release DateNovember 2018
Acquisition dateAdd my game acquisition date
Product CodeBJ0CE-FR
EAN Code3770004610341
Weight1.85 lbs
Size10.43 x 10.43 x 2.76 inches
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DesignersPierre Buty
ArtistsPierre Ples
PublishersLa Boite De Jeu
DistributorsBlackrock Games
Type of publicAmateur