Lovebirds (2018)


2 Players
Nb of players

43,200 Min
Playing time

Age: 16+
Minimum age


(Good - usually willing to play.)

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5 missions for you, 5 missions for the other, 10 good moments to share in 30 days. Lovebirds is a game for lovers. It's a breath of fresh air in your relationship, smiles, new memories for two, and maybe even butterflies...

It is played as a couple and in secret. Each lover receives 27 secret missions and chooses 5 of 10 randomly drawn. Everyone has to accomplish their 5 missions during the month.

For example, you will have to: Spend a night together under the stars. Make him breakfast in bed... on a Wednesday morning! Put a word of love in secret in his business. But also inventing pizzas, making or cooking together, meditating or acting crazy, etc.

Lovebirds is not a couple therapy, but it feels good.

Contents of the box : 27 yellow mission cards, 27 black mission cards, 1 card Rules of the game.

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Primary titleLovebirds
Year published2018
Release DateApril 2018
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Product CodeMJGLOV01
EAN Code0814684000245
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DesignersLouis-Maxime Lockwell
PublishersMj Games
Type of publicFamily