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You are a god! Create the best of all worlds: yours! Select the best terrains and assemble them in your universe. Choose your god to get the most Creation Points and win the game!

In this tactical game of development and resource management, you play a god and you have a goal: to create the best of all worlds. The goal is to accumulate the most Creation Points but at the end of the game, everyone, losing as a winner, will have created a coherent universe.

Each turn, you have the choice between two actions: to acquire a field and add it to your Universe or, only once in the game, to choose a god who will bring you additional bonuses at the end of the game. To acquire land, select it from the nine floating in the Aether at the center of the table and pay its cost as worshipers. All the worshipers on this site accumulate on your reserve. Then add this terrain to your universe by following simple laying rules: your universe is pyramidal and each of the terrain tiles must rest on at least one tile of the same type.

Each of the five land types gives you bonuses and specific Creation Points if you respect certain constraints. The construction of your universe is very free and varies from game to game, but it is also very tactical, and the game is stretched over the game.

The god you have chosen is waiting for you near your universe, and finishes it by settling at the top. It gives you valuable bonus ... if you meet the conditions indicated on its tile! At the end of the fifteenth turn, at the end of a quick point count, the player with the most Creation Points wins the game.

Become the greatest of gods and create the best of all worlds!

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Primary titleOrbis
Year published2018
Release DateOctober 2018
Acquisition dateAdd my game acquisition date
Product CodeSCOR01FR
EAN Code3558380056959
Weight1.76 lbs
Size8.39 x 10.75 x 2.56 inches
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Personal noteAdd a personal comment
DesignersTim Armstrong
ArtistsDavide Tosello
PublishersSpace Cowboys
Type of publicPassionate