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Pharaoh is dead... and his funeral barge is slowly sailing along the Nile towards his final resting place: the tomb that will serve as a court for the judgment of his soul by the god Osiris! It is up to you to erect memorials as a matter of urgency in order to facilitate the passage of his spirit to the Beyond! The best builder will have the privilege of being named Pharaoh's successor (which, admit it, is not nothing!).

But the resources and workers available are limited, the gods capricious, and time is running out... yet we must finish the construction before the barge arrives! This Euro-game combines worker posing, resource management and objective competition, and is strategically subtle while offering fast turns.

Who will be the new Pharaoh?

Osiris: Un Voyage vers l'Au-Delà CoverOsiris: Un Voyage vers l'Au-Delà Cover 3dOsiris: Un Voyage vers l'Au-Delà EclateOsiris: Un Voyage vers l'Au-Delà Eclate

Osiris: Un Voyage vers l'Au-Delà funded on the Kickstarter platform

Osiris: Un Voyage vers l'Au-Delà was funded on the Crowdfunding Kickstarter (See the campaign) platform on the 20 May 2017, the campaign lasted 18 days. 617 people helped funded the game, whose the amount requested was $25,000.00. Thanks to these 617 people the game could be funded up to $39,389.00, ~157.56%.

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Primary titleOsiris: Un Voyage vers l'Au-Delà
Year published2018
Release DateJuly 2018
Acquisition dateAdd my game acquisition date
Product CodePIX-OSI01-FR
EAN Code3760425810079
Weight2.29 lbs
Size8.90 x 12.52 x 3.62 inches
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DesignersW. David MacKenzie
ArtistsDenis Martynets
PublishersPixie GamesDaily Magic Games
DistributorsPixie Games
Type of publicAmateur