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In QdM Geek, everyone chooses a pixel and Jedi color. The pixels are placed on the start squares of the game board. The leader takes the Jedi from the other players and asks one of the three questions on a card, e. g.: "Yoda, what does he smell like?"

Each of the other players answers when he wants and what he wants: Alcohol and cigarettes; garlic spray; PAIC Lemon... After each answer, the leader places the player's Jedi on the voting board, either on the dark side or on the bright side. At the end of the turn, he rolls the die to determine the winning side. If the die displays the skull, it is the dark side; the star is the bright side; the heart, it chooses the side!

The players on the winning side advance one floor on the game board. The player or players who arrive first on the top floor win the game, but they face the Boss by answering the three questions on the same card. According to their answers, obscure or luminous, the winners win an honorary title such as Queen of Dragons or Lord Sith Uveu Tupeu!

Questions de Merde: Spécial Geek Back 3dQuestions de Merde: Spécial Geek CartesQuestions de Merde: Spécial Geek CoverQuestions de Merde: Spécial Geek Cover 3d

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Primary titleQuestions de Merde: Spécial Geek
Year published2018
Release DateNovember 2018
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Product CodeQFMGEEK-ED2018
EAN Code3760285110210
Weight0.42 lbs
Size3.31 x 5.75 x 1.97 inches
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DesignersMathias LavorelMarcus
ArtistsMathieu ClaussThiébault Courot
PublishersLe Droit De Perdre
DistributorsBlackrock Games
Type of publicFamily