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Five years have passed since the events at the Tavern Cavern... 5 years of fragile peace for the 5 Kingdoms. To appease the spirits, the Queen has ordered the construction of a new shining City to become the Capital of the 5 Kingdoms. But Berk, the Council President, is getting old... Will you be able to replace him? Rise To Nobility is a game of worker placement, which takes the form of dice. The management and judicious use of the dice will, among other things, determine the number of actions available to you during your turn.

Improve your plot of land, attract new Citizens, provide for their needs, make them work, satisfy the Council's requests as best as you can, and maybe you will become the new Council President (enjoying wealth and glory for the rest of your life, of course)!

Rise to Nobility CarteRise to Nobility CarteRise to Nobility CarteRise to Nobility Carte

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Contents of the box : 1 Reverse Side Board, 1 First Player Marker, 1 Round Marker, 30 Dice, Chancellery Expansion, 1 Cloth Bag, 13 Character Cards, 120 Resource Cubes (Books, Artwork, Weapons, Relics, Jewelry, Furniture), 48 Settler Cards, 1 Score Board, 6 Player Boards (Reverse Side), 5 Set Up Cards, 48 Gold Coins, 16 Event Cards, 48 Building Tiles, 12 Multiplier Chits, 84 Workers, 18 Merchantman Tiles, 6 Game Help Cards, 15 Solo Objective Cards, 42 Houses, 20 Modifier Chits, 18 Markers, 30 Stone Council Tiles.

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Primary titleRise to Nobility
Year published2018
Release DateFebruary 2018
Acquisition dateAdd my game acquisition date
Product CodePIX099
EAN Code3760425810208
Weight5.51 lbs
Size10.43 x 10.43 x 2.95 inches
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DesignersIvana KrstevskiMaja MatovskaToni ToshevskiVojkan Krstevski
ArtistsMihajlo Dimitrievski
PublishersFinal Frontier Games
DistributorsPixie Games
Type of publicFamily