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The night has come, sweet and restful. Well, except for you! For all your creatures, each prettier than the next, have left their enclosures. They scattered over mountains and valleys, happy and cheerful: for them, it's a whole world to discover. Armed with a jar of glowworms, because they are particularly fond of these insects, you must bait them all and bring them back home. So be smarter than the other players and wager your fireflies carefully! Smile is a family card game, with simple, accessible principles that can be used for many strategies. A "grid" of funny creatures is unveiled at each turn. The escaped critters earn points; their wild, yet cute, counterparts make you lose points. In order to catch one, it must be carrying a glow-worm, regardless of whether you or another player has dropped it off. Once you have captured one of them, your turn ends.

And to add to the fun creature hunt, you can only place a firefly on the lowest value creature that doesn't already have one. Whoever captures one wins the fireflies on it. In addition, some critters are colour-coded in a corner of their card. If a player captures two of them of the same color, they are discarded. If you run out of fireflies, the game will give you one, but you will get a penalty at the end of the game. After 10 full turns, the day dawns on your little troop of smiling critters. The points are counted and the winner can enjoy a little rest! Smile is a fairy-tale game with splendid illustrations. Its mechanics are accessible, and allow all players to immerse themselves in this hunt for creatures, each one more charming than the next. They allow strategic choices as well as a more instinctive game. Everybody will find its playful pleasure!

Smile CartesSmile CartesSmile CartesSmile Cartes

One File Available

Contents of the box : 50 Large Cards, 40 Flat Glass Beads, 1 rule book.

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Primary titleSmile
Year published2018
Release DateApril 2018
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Product CodeZMSMIL01
EAN Code8435407618534
Weight0.77 lbs
Size4.72 x 6.50 x 1.57 inches
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DesignersMichael Schacht
ArtistsAtha Kanaani
PublishersZ-man Games
Type of publicFamily