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Two investigators embark on a quest for ancestral and forbidden knowledge. Their objective? To accumulate more than the other, and as quickly as possible! Alas, the secrets they covet can drive them mad... The more this knowledge is important, the more their mental health is at stake. The mysteries of the Great Ancients and the External Gods are not recommended for sensitive souls! For that is what Tides of Madness is all about: getting your hands on mysteries that mankind was not supposed to know.

This draft game for two players promises tense games. In three rounds, you'll have to choose your cards carefully, because this choice necessarily conditions the cards left to your opponent. While most of them bring in victory points, which are necessary to win, others will affect your mental health. And if your psyche gives in (after 9 madness points), it's defeat guaranteed... Warning: if both players accumulate these 9 madness points, they both lose!

At each round of the draft you will have the possibility to choose your evil: which card to give to your opponent, for what gain and... what risk? Take the time to weigh the pros and cons: play Madness and accumulate ungodly knowledge, or spare your mental capital and leave your opponent a nice breakaway? After all, in the balance, there is "only" your mental health and incredible knowledge. Tense draft, strategy, risk-taking and subtlety are the ingredients of a Tides of Madness!

Tides of Madness ArtworkTides of Madness ArtworkTides of Madness ArtworkTides of Madness Artwork

One File Available

Tides of Madness Rulebook : English

Contents of the box : 18 cards (120x80 mm), 1 notepad, 1 pencil, 20 Madness counters, 1 rule sheet.

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Primary titleTides of Madness
Year published2018
Release DateMarch 2018
Acquisition dateAdd my game acquisition date
Product CodeEFPGTM01
EAN Code8435407614529
Weight0.55 lbs
Size4.45 x 7.17 x 1.50 inches
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DesignersKristian Čurla
ArtistsMariusz GandzelRafał SzymaAga JakimiecChris OstrowskiMirko Failoni
PublishersEdge Entertainment
Type of publicAmateur