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After France's defeat in June 1940, the Royal Air Force (RAF) and the Luftwaffe clashed in the summer and autumn of 1940 in the first all-air battle. The Battle of Britain was the prelude to the landing imagined by Hitler, Operation Seelöwe (Sea Lion). The last stronghold to the west was within reach of the German armies, but the brave British pilots resisted valiantly, aware of the consequences of defeat for their country and the free world.

With this Wings of Glory - The Battle of Britain base box, you can experience the aerial duels that opposed the Allied and Axis Aces. Defend England by flying one of the most emblematic aircraft of this war, the Supermarine Spitfire or perform dangerous missions at the command of the powerful fighter Messerschmitt Bf.109.

Wings of Glory is a game system that allows you to simulate the aerial battles of the two World Wars, thanks to aircraft figures and their manoeuvre maps. You can control one or more aircraft and fight in duels, but you can also carry out specific air reconnaissance missions or escort bombers. Wings of Glory is easy to learn with progressive rules.

A complete game that contains everything you need to play during the Second World War period. 4 beautiful painted aircraft figurines are provided as well as everything you need to enjoy the game quickly!

Wings of Glory: La Bataille d'Angleterre CoverWings of Glory: La Bataille d'Angleterre Cover 3dWings of Glory: La Bataille d'Angleterre EclateWings of Glory: La Bataille d'Angleterre Zoom

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Primary titleWings of Glory: La Bataille d'Angleterre
Year published2018
Release DateMarch 2018
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Product CodeASY-WGBA01
EAN Code3770001693552
Weight2.25 lbs
Size11.02 x 11.02 x 3.54 inches
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DesignersAndrea AngiolinoPier Giorgio Paglia
ArtistsDario CalìVincenzo Auletta
PublishersAsyncron Games
DistributorsPixie Games
Type of publicAmateur