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In the dystrophic 1930s, the industrial revolution pushed the exploitation of fossil resources to their limits, and now the only thing powerful enough to quench the thirst for power of massive machines and unstoppable engineering advances is the unlimited hydroelectric power provided by rivers.

Dam is a strategic resource management game in which players compete to build their majestic dams, raise them to increase their storage capacity and supply all the potential energy through pressurized tunnels connected to the power turbines of their power plants. Each actor represents one of four international companies that bring together machines, innovative patents and brilliant engineers to claim the best locations to capture and exploit water from a disputed alpine region crossed by rivers. The dam includes two innovative and stimulating mechanisms.

First of all, players must carefully plan their actions and handle their machines, as their action tokens and resources are stored on a construction wheel and will only be available after a full turn of the wheel. The better you manage your wheel, the faster your resources and actions come back to you.

Second, the water flow of the rivers shown on the map is a shared and disputed resource. Players must intercept and store as much water as possible, build dams (upstream dams are expensive but can block some of the water before it reaches downstream dams), raise dams to increase their capacity and build long tunnels to carry water to their power plants. Water is never consumed - its flow is only used to produce energy - it is released into rivers, so you must strategically place your dams to recover the water diverted by you and other stakeholders.

In five rounds, players must meet power requirements represented by a common competitive power track and specific requests for personal contracts. At the same time, by placing a limited number of engineers, they are trying to improve their machines to acquire new and more efficient construction actions and to build and activate special single effect buildings to advance their own development strategy.

Barrage ArtworkBarrage ArtworkBarrage ArtworkBarrage Artwork

Barrage funded on the Kickstarter platform

Barrage was funded on the Crowdfunding Kickstarter (See the campaign) platform on the 14 November 2018, the campaign lasted 28 days. 4,076 people helped funded the game, whose the amount requested was €24,000.00. Thanks to these 4,076 people the game could be funded up to €431,901.00, ~1,799.59%.

2 Files Available

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Contents of the box : 1 main double-sided board, 1 administration board, 1 patent office board, 7 director tiles + 1 technology tile, 1 energy track, 15 advanced technology tiles, 6 bonus tiles, 6 objective tiles, 10 set tiles, 3 neutral elevations, 3 neutral bases, 45 private contract tiles, 4 starting contract tiles, 6 national contract tiles, 8 source tiles, 30 water drops, hydraulic credits, 34 excavators, 26 concrete mixers, 4 company platforms, 4 construction wheels, 20 automatic tiles, 5 basic technology tiles, 5 bases, 5 elevations, 5 pipes, 4 power plants, 1 turn order marker, 1 energy marker, 1 victory point marker, 12 engineers, 1 game aid.

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Primary titleBarrage
Year published2019
Release DateNovember 2019
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Product CodeINT74031
EAN Code5425037740319
Size9.45 x 13.39 x 5.51 inches
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DesignersSimone LucianiTommaso Battista
ArtistsAntonio De Luca
PublishersIntrafinCranio Creations
Type of publicPassionate