2-6 Players
Best of 4 players

15 Min
Playing time

Age: 6+
Minimum age


(Good - usually willing to play.)

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Play your game! Each player starts the game with a 7-card hand and must get rid of it as quickly as possible by playing a card with the corresponding suit or number in the discard pile. For each game you will randomly draw three Rule Cards that you must apply. Some Game Cards also have an effect that you will have to follow when they are discarded.

The first player to empty his hand wins the game and the right to create a new Rule Card or modify a Game Card that will change the game forever! Blank contains a first set of easy to access Rules Cards to play with family or friends and turns into a game creation kit that is affordable for everyone. By creating new rules and game effects, players will be able to see the effects directly as the games progress and evolve the game in the direction they prefer.

You can transform Blank into a game of Trivia, dexterity, or even a party game. All you need is a few cards from your imagination!

One File Available

Contents of the box : 38 rule cards (14 basic rules cards, 24 white cards), 72 game cards (6 cards illustrated with effect, 30 illustrated cards, 36 white cards).

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I try to inform myself about the game, so I do not hesitate to watch a video explanation to know the rules
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Primary titleBlank
Year published2019
Release DateMarch 2019
Acquisition dateAdd my game acquisition date
Size3.94 x 5.51 x 1.57 inches
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DesignersHenri Kermarrec
ArtistsWinnie ShekRob Dalton
PublishersThe Creativity HubHub Games
Type of publicFamily