Captain Cap: Les Masques d'Onyx

2019 - (x)(x)(,)()() 2.5 - 2 Notes
Captain Cap: Les Masques d'Onyx

Players: 1+
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22 Pages
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Age: 7+
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(Good - usually willing to play.)

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Created by Charles CHEVALLIER and Laurent ESCOFFIER, CAPTAIN CAP offers a unique and exciting experience to game lovers. In solo or group mode, it is a merciless territory war that must be fought! Between the players or through the different adventures, the interaction is total!

In this pack, CAPTAIN CAP, Les Masques d'Onyx discover 3 ways to play: CAPcolor, the coloring board game for 2-4 players with 7 wild games where strategy, low blow and reflection are the keys to success to become Captain! CAPcolor displays it, for an immersive and exciting adventure with 2 to 4 players. CAPsolo, puzzle style, with 10 islands to solveMore than 4 hours of games in all!

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Primary titleCaptain Cap: Les Masques d'Onyx
Year published2019
Release DateFebruary 2019
Acquisition dateAdd my game acquisition date
EAN Code9791096485079
Weight0.66 lbs
Size8.27 x 11.69 x 0.39 inches
Number of pages22
Type of paperColor of page
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DesignersCharles ChevallierLaurent Escoffier
ArtistsVincent Dutrait
PublishersIlinx Éditions
DistributorsBlackrock Games
Type of publicFamily