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Love is... green? In this colourful storytelling game, each colour tells a story. Associate a color with a word, and then tell a story connecting them.

How to play?

Farben Eclate

If the word chosen is "school", you could hear these stories: The first player plays purple: "I dyed my hair, bought leather clothes for a lot of money and I wore make-up in my "Gothic" phase. I quickly realized that I didn't belong to this universe: I am a rather happy person and I had trouble not smiling all the time.

The second player plays red: "My time in college was stressful because I wasn't a good student. I was worried before each exam about how I would explain all that red on my copy to my parents."

The third player plays black: "I was completely in love with another student from another class. I got up every day at 6:30 am to get on the same bus as him to go to school. It was still dark at that time: that's why I chose black."

Each time you play, you associate one of your 12 colour cards with a word and start telling a story. After all the stories have been told, each player places his color under the word card and the package is put on its side.

After ten Word cards, the counting phase begins. Another player chooses a deck of cards for you, and you must remember the colors played by the other players without looking at the contents of the deck. It seems impossible at first, but thanks to the stories, the colours become easier to find.

How to win?

You earn points during other players' rounds, when you remember your own color. You win the game if you can best remember who associated which color with a specific word.

One File Available

Contents of the box : 60 Color cards, 59 Word cards, 1 Reference card, 1 block of score sheets exclusive to the French version, 1 rule of the game.

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Primary titleFarben
Year published2019
Release DateMarch 2019
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