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The dice decide how many platelets players can exchange for others. But be careful: here it is not a question of accumulating the most wealth, but of finding the lucky charm. Whoever gets the four-leaf clover first through clever exchanges will win the game!

Distribute 6 gold nuggets to each player. Group the remaining plates together and form with 4 stacks aligned in the center of the table. In order: gold nuggets, horses, pigs, geese. And the clover next to the geese. Play clockwise. Roll the two dice and trade the platelets: red die = number of platelets a player must give; blue die = number of platelets from the next pile that the player takes in exchange. Impossible to exchange in the opposite direction or to skip the batteries. Unable or unwanted exchange? Take 2 gold nuggets from the center of the table instead. The first one to trade the goose for the clover won!

One File Available

Contents of the box : 72 platelets (29x gold nuggets, 16x horses, 14x pigs, 13x geese), 1 four-leaf clover, 2 dice, 1 rule of the game.

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Primary titleHans in Luck
Year published2019
Release DateOctober 2019
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LanguagesGerman, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch
Product Code305268
EAN Code4010168248677
Weight0.57 lbs
Size4.65 x 7.09 x 1.57 inches
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DesignersPeter Wichmann
ArtistsAlexander Steffensmeier
PublishersHaba - Habermaaß Gmbh
DistributorsHaba - Habermaaß Gmbh
Type of publicChild