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Impress the emperor with your fireworks and lanterns on the lake. The harvest is in, let's celebrate! The emperor said this will be the most beautiful feast ever. You are the artisans responsible for decorating the palace lake with floating lanterns and illuminating the sky with fireworks.

Throw the lantern dice and assign one to each player so that each player completes his or her game sheet. Will you choose to tick the Pavilions to get gifts from the emperor and perform bonus actions? Or the Pontoons and expand your fully pencilled areas to place the Fireworks tiles to score victory points? Unless you plan to surround the Boats for more points at the end of the game?

A fair balance of your choices will allow you to create the most effective combinations. The player with the most honor points, the one who will make the best impression on the Emperor, will win the game!

Lanterns Dice: Le Jeu de Dés CoverLanterns Dice: Le Jeu de Dés Cover 3dLanterns Dice: Le Jeu de Dés EclateLanterns Dice: Le Jeu de Dés Eclate

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Primary titleLanterns Dice: Le Jeu de Dés
Year published2019
Release DateAugust 2019
Acquisition dateAdd my game acquisition date
Product CodeJDPRGS018
EAN Code3760243850721
Weight1.01 lbs
Size5.75 x 7.64 x 2.05 inches
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DesignersChris Bryan
ArtistsBeth SobelJason D. KingsleyJohn Shulters
PublishersRenegade Game Studios
DistributorsAbysse Corp.
Type of publicFamily