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They're here! They're here! After these long years of research, you are finally getting to the point! The legendary Lost Cities and their mysterious artifacts are within your reach. Of course, there are still stages to go before reaching them, beyond deserts, wild jungles and lava rivers. So hurry up: you're not the only adventurer who wants to find them!

Explore with 4 players! Whether you are already an experienced explorer of Lost Cities - The Duel or you have just decided to go on an adventure, Lost Cities - The Plateau Game promises you intense and exciting games... up to 4 players! Lost Cities - The board game invites you to lead a series of expeditions around the world in search of legendary Lost Cities. Each player organizes his journey by playing cards that allow him to move his explorer on the game board. But to progress on each course, any new card placed must be of a higher value than the one above!

Manage your teams. It is quite possible to lead several expeditions at the same time, at the risk of getting stuck during the adventure and reaping only negative points. It's up to you to manage your progress and send your expedition leader on the track that seems most promising to you... in order to get a substantial bonus. But beware of surprises: each new step now reveals events and artifacts that will certainly influence the rest of the game!

With new mechanisms and more strategic variants, Reiner Knizia presents his classic card game in board games that is more varied, more family oriented, and more intense than ever!

Lost Cities: Le Jeu de Plateau BackLost Cities: Le Jeu de Plateau CoverLost Cities: Le Jeu de Plateau Cover 3dLost Cities: Le Jeu de Plateau Eclate

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Contents of the box : 1 game board, 110 cards, 25 event tiles, 16 explorer counters, 4 expedition leader counters, 64 victory points, 1 game rule.

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Primary titleLost Cities: Le Jeu de Plateau
Year published2019
Release DateAugust 2019
Acquisition dateAdd my game acquisition date
Product Code51632
EAN Code3760175516320
Weight2.65 lbs
Size11.61 x 11.61 x 2.95 inches
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DesignersReiner Knizia
ArtistsAnnette Nora Kara
Type of publicFamily