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A fire rages in Haba-Ville! To put out the fire, firemen Theo and Antonin need you! After familiarizing themselves with the firefighters' equipment, players should have a good memory: who will find the bucket, fire extinguisher and hose in the fire truck to put out all fires?

Install the game board, place Theo the fireman on a roadmap, place the object boards face down in the fire truck. The fire station wall behind the path marker indicates the object marker to be found in the fire truck. Good plate = extinguish the fire: turn the path plate over and replace the object plate face down. Wrong insert: turn the object insert face down again. Flame plate: turn over a chimney plate again with a fire extinguished. Advance Theo the fireman in turn. When all fires are out, the players win the game together.

Mes Premiers Jeux: Théo le Pompier BackMes Premiers Jeux: Théo le Pompier CoverMes Premiers Jeux: Théo le Pompier Cover 3dMes Premiers Jeux: Théo le Pompier Eclate

Contents of the box : 1 fire station (bottom of the box), 1 Theo the fireman figurine, 1 fire extinguisher, 1 bucket, 1 hose, 1 fire truck, 8 half-moon firemen's plates, 6 round object plates, 1 game rule.

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Primary titleMes Premiers Jeux: Théo le Pompier
Year published2019
Release DateMarch 2019
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LanguagesGerman, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch
Product Code303808
EAN Code4010168235530
Weight1.09 lbs
Size8.74 x 8.74 x 2.76 inches
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DesignersAnnemarie Hölscher
ArtistsAnna Lena Filipiak
PublishersHaba - Habermaaß Gmbh
DistributorsHaba - Habermaaß Gmbh
Type of publicChild