1-5 Players
Best of 3 players

120 Min
Playing time

Age: 12+
Minimum age

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(Good - usually willing to play.)

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Nemesis is a sci-fi game with 1-5 players where players are awakened from hibernation as a crew of a spaceship. The emergency procedure states that there is a critical system crash and that the spacecraft can not continue cruising.

Survive, together ... or not!

The aim of the crew is to find out what is causing the vessel to fail and remedy the situation to return to Earth safely. The main problem is that a member of the crew is dead. Someone crushed his hibernation chamber and pulled out his body. In addition, if you listen carefully, weird sounds and sounds can be heard. Something is prowling!

Nemesis is a cooperative game combining bluffing, stabbing in the back and other elements of a science-fiction survival horror and adventure.

Nemesis Cover
Nemesis Cover 3d
Nemesis Eclate
Nemesis Figurine
Nemesis Figurine

Full Credits

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Primary titleNemesis
Year published2019
Release DateMay 2019
DesignersAdam Kwapiński
ArtistsPiotr Foksowicz
Andrzej Półtoranos
Patryk Jędraszek
Paweł Samborski
Type of publicPassionate