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Patchwork Express offers the same basic gameplay as Patchwork, but with a smaller playing surface and larger and less complex pieces. In the game, each player tries to build the most aesthetic patchwork duvet on a personal 7x7 game board. To start the game, place all the light-coloured patches at random in a circle and place a starting marker. Each player takes a few buttons, the currency/points in the game and someone is chosen as the first player.

During a round, a player buys one of the three patches clockwise from the starting marker or passes. To buy a patch, you pay the cost in buttons indicated on the patch, move the start marker to the location of the patch in the circle, add the patch to your game board, then advance your time token on the time track by a number of spaces equal to the time indicated on the patch. You are free to place the patch anywhere on your board that does not overlap other patches, but you probably want to assemble things as precisely as possible.

If your time token is behind or above the other player's time token, you become the active player; otherwise it will be your opponent who will have the hand. Instead of buying a patch, you can choose to pass by moving your time token into the space immediately in front of the opponent's time token, then take a bank button for each space you have moved. In addition to the cost of a button and time, each patch also has 0 to 3 buttons, and when you move your time token beyond a button on the time track, you earn a "button income": add the number of buttons represented on your personal game board, then take that number of buttons from the bank. In addition, the time track represents six 1x1 patches, and during installation, you place six 1x1 patches on these spaces. The one who first passes a patch on the time track requests this patch and immediately places it on his game board.

During the dark color patch game are added to those available, these pieces are smaller than the light color pieces, which will probably fill the holes on a player's board.

Patchwork: Express CoverPatchwork: Express Cover 3dPatchwork: Express EclatePatchwork: Express Eclate

One File Available

Patchwork: Express Rulebook : English

Contents of the box : 1 Chrono tray, 2 Covers trays, 2 Chrono counters (green and yellow), 6 pieces of leather, 1 neutral counter, 8 pieces of blue fabric with a square price label, 31 Button tiles (14 x 1 button, 9 x 2 buttons, 8 x 5 buttons), 15 pieces of coloured fabric (not blue) with a round price label, 1 rule book.

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Primary titlePatchwork: Express
Year published2019
Release DateMarch 2019
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Product CodePTWXPFR01
EAN Code3770001556710
Weight1.23 lbs
Size7.76 x 7.76 x 1.77 inches
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DesignersUwe Rosenberg
ArtistsKlemens Franz
Type of publicFamily