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All that is said about me is true. - Lando Calrissian. In Star Wars: Outer Rim, you play as bounty hunters, smugglers and mercenaries desperate for their exploits to enter the galactic history. You will crisscross the Outer Rim at the controls of your ship and recruit a crew of legendary Star Wars characters. Your goal is to become the most famous (or most hated) outlaw in the galaxy!

Will you hunt down the individuals whose heads were priced by the Hutts? Will you commit theft on behalf of the crime syndicates or will you illegally transport goods by defying the vigilance of the Imperial patrols? Everything is possible for those who dare to travel in the confines of known space! Gather your crew, enter the coordinates of your destination and prepare your jump in hyperspace with Star Wars: Border Outdoor!

Star Wars: Bordure Extérieure CartesStar Wars: Bordure Extérieure CartesStar Wars: Bordure Extérieure CoverStar Wars: Bordure Extérieure Cover 3d

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Star Wars: Outer Rim Learn to Play : English
Star Wars: Outer Rim Rules Reference : English

Contents of the box : 12 Ship Cards, 4 Player Cards, 4 Plastic Glory Cards, 16 Reputation Cards, 22 Contact Cards, 16 Patrol Cards, 8 Cardboard Characters, 8 Pastical Cards, 40 Damage Cards, 60 Credit Cards, 70 Meeting Cards, 70 Market Cards, 53 Database Cards, 8 Character Cards, 4 Reference Cards, 10 AI Cards, 12 Objective Cards, 6 Board Tiles, 2 Board Ends, 6 Dice, 1 Learning Booklet, 1 Reference Guide.

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