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Tan-Tan Caravan: merchants under the desert sun. In this collectible game the players will take the role of merchants. They will be able to acquire goods via the market and deposit them in the caravan, which is common to all players. Each card has a cost that the player must pay if he wishes to obtain it. Once completed, the caravan leaves and distributes resources to all players. The one who finishes the caravan chooses first and takes all the same cards as the one he wants. He places these cards in front of him.

Several special cards can spice up the game, such as the rat that forces the player who takes it to discard a card or the thief who steals a card from an opponent.

The player with the most prestigious collection wins the game.

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Primary titleTan Tan Caravan
Year published2019
Release DateJune 2019
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DesignersAlexey KonnovAlexey PaltsevAnatoly Shklyarov
ArtistsSylvain Aublin
PublishersBlue Orange
DistributorsBlackrock Games
Type of publicFamily