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Throughout history, the Alchemists have worked tirelessly to obtain one of the greatest mysteries in the universe: the Philosopher's Stone. According to the writings and formulas resulting from the vast research of Hermes Trismegistus, these scholars engaged in a fierce struggle in a race to become the greatest of the Alchemists... As an adept of this mysterious art, forge your reputation by turning metal into pure gold, conduct experiments, invent artifacts...and reach the highest status!

In Trismegistus: The Ultimate Formula, players compete for 3 rounds during which they will drape 3 dice. The judicious use of these will allow the transmutation of precious materials, the collection of essences, the purchase and creation of artifacts, and the implementation of experiments that will help you progress on your 4 tracks of Mastery...

Your final score will be the result of your progress in terms of knowledge, your secret publications, the completion of your formulas and the gold you have accumulated!

Trismegistus: L'Ultime Formule Cover
Trismegistus: L'Ultime Formule Cover 3d
Trismegistus: L'Ultime Formule Des
Trismegistus: L'Ultime Formule Piste
Trismegistus: L'Ultime Formule Plateau

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Primary titleTrismegistus: L'Ultime Formule
Year published2019
Release DateOctober 2019
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DesignersDaniele Tascini
Federico Pierlorenzi
ArtistsPaulina Wach
PublishersPixie Games
DistributorsPixie Games
Type of publicPassionate