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In battle, there are no equals. Unmatched is a very asymmetric miniature fighting game for two or four players. Each hero is represented by a unique deck of cards designed to evoke his style and legend. Tactical moves and the resolution of unlucky fights create a unique game experience that rewards expertise, but as soon as you master a game, new heroes arrive to give you new matches.

The first volume of Battle of Legends features four heroes. King Arthur sacrifices cards to strengthen his attacks and gets timely help from Merlin's magic. Alice returns from Wonderland with a giant vorpal blade and the Jabberwock at her side as she grows and shrinks to gain advantages in attack and defense. Medusa is happy to attack from a distance and let her harpies chase you, but one devastating glance could end the battle quickly. Sinbad grows in strength as he gains experience on each of his journeys. The battle is quickly resolved by comparing attack and defense cards. However, the unique effects of each card and a simple but profound timing system lead to interesting decisions every time. The game also features an updated version of Tannhäuser's line of sight system for ranged attacks and area effects.

The game features a double-sided board with two different battlefields, pre-washed miniatures for each hero and custom life trackers that have come to life thanks to the beautiful artwork by Oliver Barrett and the combined design teams of Restoration Games and Mondo Games.

Unmatched: Battle of Legends - Volume One BackUnmatched: Battle of Legends - Volume One CarteUnmatched: Battle of Legends - Volume One CartesUnmatched: Battle of Legends - Volume One Cartes

One File Available

Unmatched: Battle of Legends - Volume One Rulebook : English

Contents of the box : 4 hero miniatures, 20 action cards, 7 health dials, 4 character cards, 6 sidekick tokens, 1 double-sided board with 2 battlefields.

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Primary titleUnmatched: Battle of Legends - Volume One
Year published2019
Release DateSeptember 2019
Acquisition dateAdd my game acquisition date
Product CodeREO9300
EAN Code0857476008043
Size9.02 x 11.61 x 2.72 inches
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DesignersRob DaviauJustin D. JacobsonJR Honeycutt
ArtistsOliver Barrett
PublishersRestoration GamesMondo Games
Type of publicAmateur