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Stephan Half-Elf is our (very appropriate) guest editor for a very special issue of the magazine dedicated to the history and rules of the Blood Bowl, Spike! He's interested in something quite unusual: mixed teams that combine players from different races and cultures to create something completely new! Find out how they get along (or not), how to build your team and win.

Good to know!

We bring to your attention the fact that this game is a complement and therefore cannot be used alone to play. Renew your games by enriching your basic game with this add-on.

2 Files Available

Download the rule for Blood Bowl: Le Jeu de Football Fantastique - Spike ! Numéro Neuf ! or any other documents (scenarios, goodies, pedagogical sheet, erratum, ...). 2 PDF files are available. See all available files

Contents of the box : 1 book of 36 pages.

4 Videos Available

I try to inform myself about the game, so I do not hesitate to watch a video explanation to know the rules
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Primary titleBlood Bowl: Le Jeu de Football Fantastique - Spike ! Numéro Neuf !
Year published2020
Release DateJuly 2020
Acquisition dateAdd my game acquisition date
Product Code200-86
Weight1.10 lbs
Size8.07 x 10.87 x 0.16 inches
Number of pages36
Type of paperColor of page
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Personal noteAdd a personal comment
DesignersAndy HoareJames M. HewittJervis Johnson
PublishersGames Workshop Ltd.
DistributorsGames Workshop Ltd.
Type of publicPassionate
Expansion for2016 - Blood Bowl: Le Jeu de Football Fantastique