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In the third millennium, interstellar travel no longer holds any secrets for mankind. Aboard your spaceships, explore distant planetary systems and cross paths with extraterrestrial peoples who will become valuable trading partners. Increase your production of resources to build new transport ships and new spaceports. Colonize planets and avoid the dreaded space pirates who lie in wait. Your mother ship will be your best ally in achieving your goals.

Twenty years ago, the colonists already started to explore the depths of the galaxy to discover unknown planets. This completely revised reissue of the classic "The Starfarers of Catan™" contains "atmospheric" illustrations, refined rules and redesigned game components.

The unexplored universe awaits us and the new, modular game board brings even more variety. Planets with rich mineral or carbon deposits may be found. But perhaps we'll discover planets of barren ice. Or we meet aliens and start a lucrative trade, while pirates and wormholes are a constant challenge.

Catan: Voyageurs Galactiques CoverCatan: Voyageurs Galactiques Cover 3dCatan: Voyageurs Galactiques EclateCatan: Voyageurs Galactiques Eclate

One File Available

Catan: Starfarers Rulebook : English

Contents of the box : 4 large mother ships, 24 guns, 24 thrusters, 20 cargo modules, 28 colored marbles, 6 tray pieces, 16 space quadrants, 4 ambassadors, 40 half-medals, 36 numbered tokens, 16 special markers, 100 Resource cards, 32 Encounter cards, 20 Alliance cards, 12 Reference cards, 92 figures, 2 dice, 1 card shoe, 1 equipment rack, 11 storage bags, 1 sticker board, 1 rule book, 1 glossary.

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Primary titleCatan: Voyageurs Galactiques
Year published2020
Release DateFebruary 2020
Acquisition dateAdd my game acquisition date
Product CodeFICATBB01
EAN Code8435407629660
Weight5.73 lbs
Size14.61 x 11.73 x 4.76 inches
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Personal noteAdd a personal comment
DesignersKlaus Teuber
ArtistsFranz VohwinkelMichaela Kienle
Type of publicFamily